Since 1978


In 1978, the Center of Agricultural Supplies was founded in Serres by the agronomist Michael Papapanagiotou. The mission of the company is the modern scientific and complete support of the farmer, the cultivator, and the producer both regionally (Serres) and in the whole Northern Greece. The vision of the company is to win the trust and confidence of the Greek farmers with absolute respect for their hard work and passion, and play a leading role in the rural economy market providing innovative and scientific solutions.

The most distinct values of the company are:

The love for the development and the sustainability of the Greek land having the protection and the preservation of environment as a guide.
The dedication and honesty for the reward of the farmer.
The faith in the principle that the agronomist teaches the exploitation of the land and not the human.

From the first moment of the foundation of the company of M.Papapanagiotou

Invested in a two-way communication relationship with the Greek producer.
Organized and established dialogue and consultative meetings all over the region of Serres, to discover farmers’ problems and give them certain scientific solutions, by giving the blemish of the progression and perspectives in the Greek farming.

Equipped with

The high scientific competency.
The knowledge of the market.
The non-stop observation of the developments of the market.
The cooperation with the pioneers of the market.

This perspective of consultative communication of the scientific team of the company with the producer has made the name of M.Papapanagiotou synonym of agricultural development and fertility, and a leader of the market for more than 5 decades.

The strategic advantage of the company consists of the human manpower which currently includes 25 full time positions. The section of the scientific team is manned with 12 scientifically trained agronomists, headed by M.Papapanagiotou, that provides guidance and support to the farmers on solutions that guarantee their income and their effort. The evolution of personal partnerships with the producers combined with the actual attributions in the field has made the company of M.Papapanagiotou a real ally to the farmer that nurtures his interests.

In this trust relationship the perfect trained sales team of the company has contributed decisively, by welcoming, serving, proposing and updating the producer about new products and modern solutions every day, both in its internal installations and inside the field on the crop and its fruit. This way, a big and continually increasing network of wholesale and retail customers grows, which guarantees the sustainability and the evolution of the company, the progress and the perspective of the workers, and securing the agricultural income.

Specifically, the company’s customer network includes more than 100 customers of wholesale, while only in the region of Serres, the farmer customers reach up to 2000 farmers.

The company is supported by a very well-organised financial management team staffed by economists, chartered accountants and administrative staff headed by Anna Papapanagiotou. 

The company constantly invests

In the modernization of the production chain.
In the renewal of software assistive devices.
In the adoption of high-quality practices by obtaining ISO credentials.
In the continuous scientific lifelong training of the personnel forming an ideal consortium of scientists and cooperators with rich and modern knowledge and precious experience.

At the same time, by loyally following a horizontal integration strategy, the company during the last years is rising vigorously in the sectors of seed production, providing a variety of different solutions in other areas as well, such as health and protection with debugging, decontaminations, and rodent control serving a wide client list with cleaning solutions for homes, professional spaces, factories and health installations.

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